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Hi! I'm Sophia
of Long Island, New York

Our goal from the beginning was always the development of the greatest selves: self-improvement, self-regulation, self-confidence, self-efficacy,
self-esteem and self-mastery. Once developed or cultivated, a person can rise to the challenges of their higher self? What do I mean by this? In
discovering what your true self wants, your actions, effort, behavior, attitude, and thinking, will become different.  You become fearless, fierce
and unstoppable.

Our coaching is based on the philosophical agenda of the
"7 Traits for V.I.C.T.O.R.Y System" which boast a powerfully unique interplay between
V.I.C.T.O.R.Y and RCI-7 concept.  Their collaborative force is solution-focused and results-oriented to facilitate the enhancement and
maximization of personal and professional potential. Basically, it's coaching with a psychological punch.

Many never think critically or develop methods/strategies how to turn their defeats into victory.
Our coaching is guaranteed to solve these issues individually or group wise.
Self-Mastery Coaching
Company Team/Group Coaching
Teens 16 - 19 Coaching
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Self-Improvement        Self-Efficacy        Maximize Potential         Square away Entanglement within the self        Self-Confidence        Self-Mastery        Self-Regulation
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